• 13.中央储备粮泉州直属库新建5万吨储备仓项目MEC总 承包工程.jpg

中央储备粮泉州直属库新建5万吨储备仓项目MEC总 承包工程


中央储备粮泉州直属库新建5万吨储备仓项目MEC总 承包工程

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中央储备粮泉州直属库新建5万吨储备仓项目MEC总 承包工程

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The company has more than 20 patents and has developed a series of patented products, such as fully sealed belt conveyor, fully sealed multi-point unloading belt conveyor, grain mesh belt preliminary screening, grain crushing reduction device, anti-grain automatic grading device, bulk material fast loading truck system and container unloading bulk grain system.

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