Ordinary conveyor belt This conveyor belt with fiber fabric as the core,


This conveyor belt uses fiber fabric as the core and general rubber as the covering material, with smooth and smooth surface (Figure 1). A core is a layered or monolithic fabric woven from fibers such as cotton, nylon, polyester, or vinylon. Cotton fiber is the early application of core material, easy to bond with rubber, wet state strength slightly increased, but low breaking strength (mostly in 56 N/(mm · layer)), poor corrosion and mildew resistance, use is decreasing day by day. In the late 1950s, nylon fiber fabric was used as core material, and it has become a kind of large quantity. Nylon fiber strength up to 700 N/(mm · layer), water resistance, corrosion resistance, bending fatigue resistance; But the elastic elongation is larger. Polyester fiber has similar properties to nylon fiber, but its elastic elongation is only half of that of nylon fiber. It is a promising material. Vinylon fiber strength of 200 cattle/(mm · layer), elastic elongation than nylon fiber is small, easy to bond with rubber, good heat resistance, but wet state strength to reduce 10 ~ 25%, only in China, Japan and a few other countries. In weaving ribbon core can only use a fiber, can also be used to blend or interweave two kinds of fiber.

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